Feng Shui for Buyers and Sellers

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What's the story of the property?

As it is discovered in the ProperChi TV Show, when you purchase a property you get the hidden energy that comes along with it. Whatever happened there, good or bad, you inherit it until it is cured.  So would you like to uncover the mystery beforehand, or wait to see how it plays out for you?

And if you are selling, no doubt many decisions led to the decision to list your property for sale. Some of those choices may be holding back a swift offer. 

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Feng Shui for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

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Quick closings and maximum sales price for your clients

Nice, of course. But if the home has problems with its Chi, then there is a very good chance that it will sit on the market longer and command a lower price, that is until the hidden energy is corrected. More and more clients are becoming wise to this. And the demand for an agent with knowledge, tools, and is well versed in  the tools and practices of Feng Shui is ever increasing. Are you ready to differentiate your real estate practice, with the potential to reach your sales goals faster? Then contact us to find out more.

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Feng Shui for Real Estate Investors and Developers

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Accomplish your business goals

Investors and Developers looking to buy or sell their next property may benefit by seeking the advice to improve and balance the Chi - fixing any energy problems within the piece of real estate. A Feng Shui audit/consultation quickly uncovers the property's story, and maps out the flow of the hidden energy to balance it and accomplish your business goals.

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